December 21, 2017

Hey y’all!! Thanks for everyone who is tuning in to my weekly devotionals on Instagram (@AirelleSnyder) live. We have covered a ton of topics regarding rejection through the book Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. I wasn’t able to save the videos so I am going to leave my notes here for you all to read and refer back to. Hopefully this helps in recovering from any stage of rejection you are going through.

We just finished week 3 and I am going to put weeks 1-3 notes on the blog so you can go back and read the chapters and my notes if you need some extra help getting through the book. I can’t begin to tell you how much this book has helped me as Im going through a new season of life. It speaks to me so much and my relationship with God is growing everyday. I trust it will help you too.

Please note that this is not a proper blog post. It is an outline of notes and talking points from the book so in order for you to understand what I am referring to you must read the chapters.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you on Wednesdays at 6pm CST!! xoxo -A



Chapter 1

Lysa describes her childhood and the ditch. She relates her rejection to her fathers leaving and other worldly things that have gone wrong in her life. She begins with the topic of honesty.

  • Its a scary topic. We want to sugar coat everything.
  • Because we are afraid of rejection
  • Why do we associate being honest with negativity? Is exposing who we truly are so dangerous? Scary even? Why?
  • Its much easier to sugar coat and skip over the ugly parts of our life.
  • My ugly part is rejection. What makes me doubt and fear and overthink everything.
  • We wont be shielded from rejection.

Lysa talks about how she met a “cussing angel” and her experience with him about her self doubt and verbal abuse to herself.

  • “Rejection isnt just an emotion we feel. Its a message thats sent to the core of who we are causing us to believe lies about ourselves others and God.”
  • She discovered two core fears that feed a persons sensitivity to rejection
    • Fear of abandonment
    • Fear of losing ones identity

Referring back to her dad leaving “ When a man is physically present but emotionally absent a girls heart can feel quite hollow and helpless. This is true if its her father husband or someone she respects.”


She says “ We are all desperate to anchor our souls to something we can trust wont change.” But one day when the rains come and wash away your safe place, your ditch, what are you going to do? “Things of this world all eventually reveal what incapable anchors they really are.”


“Feelings are broken boards. Only truth is solid, unchanging, and stable through and through.”


Read page 17.


Its time to let go of the false hopes and lies we tell ourselves. We must say to ourselves “Im going to stop flirting with the unstable things of this world so i can fall completely in love with you. I am loved. I am held I am Yours. I am forever Yours.”




So how do we live this? She then says we must ask ourselves three questions

  • Is God good?
  • Is God good to me?
  • Do i trust God to be God?


Is God Good?


Read Devotional page 12

Answer questions

  • Who is blessed
  • Why are they blessed?
  • Greek word for blessed
  • How are you blessed
  • How would life be different if you lived convinced you are blessed through God?

Read Matthew 5:14-16


  • He refers to us as the light of the world.


Is God Good to Me?


Read page 21

  • CS Lewis quote
  • Romans 8:28
  • She says “Even if something doesnt feel good God can still work good from it.”

Read page 22

  • What are my true desires?
  • Change them.
  • She says “Others might disappoint me and leave me but God never will.”


Do I Trust God to be God


Read page 23

  • We dont have to fill the silence left behind in another persons absence.
  • Make the decision to let God sort it out without a personal agenda.

Read page 25-26


Read page 15-17 in study guide




  • Lysa tells the story of the lady at the gym.
  • Read page 29
  • How do we live loved?
  • Read devotional page 17
  • Her point of “ I dont want to keep being a slave to my runaway emotions and assumptions.”
  • Ballerina Read page 34


Read page 36-37


Read devotional page 19


  • What is flirting with the world?
  • Read examples on study guide page 19


Read page 40


Personal study completed by next Wednesday

Read chapters 4 and 5 before next Wednesday


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