August 12, 2017

why bloggers need a youtube channel

I bet you’ve always wondered how in the world do they do it? Bloggers that not only juggle their weekly or sometimes daily posts but also make videos for their Youtube channel. I am here to tell you its hard. Really freakin hard. But totally doable with the tips I’m going to teach you in this series of posts.

This series of WHY BLOGGERS NEED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL is going to teach you HOW to start a Youtube channel. Also WHY you need a Youtube channel in addition to your blog. And finally WHEN to start a Youtube channel. Now in between all of that I will cover equipment you need, how to monetize your channel, and so much more.

If I told you when I started Youtube I was in the basement of my moms house and making videos on a sub par camera with the cheapest lights my mom rigged for me you’d probably laugh right? Well let me tell you thats where it all began and Im here to save you from wasting money on equipment you dont need and here to tell you its not as hard as you may think it is to be successful at this Youtube thing. Now thats not to say it won’t take work and a serious schedule but if I can get 9,000 subscribers in less than 2 years you can too!!

Don’t get me wrong I dont have it all figured out. But what I have learned in the countless nights I read Pinterest articles and searched the web for every piece of information possible to teach myself how to edit, post, film, lights, you name it I can share with you and sum it all up for you so you dont have to waste so much time trying to figure it all out with trial and error. Im here to save you time and money!! Trust me through this process and you will benefit and hopefully come out of this with a successful Youtube channel and another source of income for yourself.

Now lets get into WHY bloggers need a Youtube channel. I often get asked how do you start? Is it really beneficial? Etc. Its actually not rocket science. If i can figure it out so can you. I dont have a college degree, I didn’t graduate from MIT or go to any professional courses I just studied, and read, and studied some more. If you want something bad enough you’ll figure it out. I believe you’ve been lead to my blog so I can help you figure this thing out. We are going to do this together!!


  • Youtube provides an extra income for you in addition to your blog. I currently make twice the revenue from my Youtube channel than I do my blog.
  • VIDEO VS. READING Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text (Psychology Today) . Its a trust thing too. When people hear me say I like a product vs me posting about it on my blog they are more likely to trust what Im saying and purchase it. Ive found this information to be true when viewing my analytics through rewardStyle.
  • EXPAND YOUR AUDIENCE Theres an entire group of people on Youtube you can market to if you just post videos on the site. Youtube suggests videos that are similar to what you’re watching and that could be your video being suggested to someone who doesn’t already follow your blog!!

I dont want to overwhelm you with information but I think this has gotten my point across that bloggers need a youtube channel. A lot of my favorite bloggers already have youtube channels and they are extremely successful with it. Its completely doable if you just start. You can find a million excuses like I did for the longest time but if you just start like you did with your blog you can use my tips and tools to build a successful Youtube channel.

Next in this series Im going to teach you what equipment you need to start your videos for Youtube. Start saving your pennies and be sure to subscribe to my blog so you dont miss out on a post!!

I look forward to helping you start your Youtube journey. It is very rewarding and you’ll see what I mean if you just START.

xoxo -A


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